1. John Maxwell

    Please when will this application close,its taking for ever, from Feb 8th now March 9th.the imcoming stuudents should be giving enough time read too before exam or better stil d admission should be batch by batch, not finally admitting and rushing students that applied the very day this application was opened.

    1. Kaleigh

      Wow! Great to find a post knikocng my socks off!

  2. lawal

    The admissions list is taking long

  3. Sule Elizabeth

    Please, when is the admission list for evening class 2015/ 1016 be out. Thanks

  4. daodu Sunday tolulope

    pls when will the admission list for HND evening be released, its taking longer than expected
    pls any information as to we the list should be expected. thanks and well done for all the good work. have a blessed weekend

    1. Charla

      What a joy to find somenoe else who thinks this way.

  5. angula Kerter

    I wish to apply for Kaduna polytechnic but don’t know how. can someone put me through?

  6. LS kona

    Please a blind man is inquiring from me about an academic programme on social work and rehabilitation is it obtainable in kadPoly?

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