Dr (Mrs) C.E. Uloko

Deputy Rector

Duties of the Ag. Rector

As the Ag Rector, all the responsibilities of day to day running of the institution rest on her shoulders as follows: According to the Guidelines for the Management of Federal Polytechnics Section 3.04, the Rector is the Chief Academic and Chief Administrative Officer of the Polytechnic. He is responsible to the Governing Council and expected to attend all Council meetings provide Council with reports on the progress of the Polytechnic and ensure that Council decisions are carried out faithfully. Other functions include:

  1. Chairman of the Academic Board, the highest decision making body of the Institution on academic matters
  2. Chief Accounting Officer of the Polytechnic, which means he is responsible for authorizing all payments and also ensuring payments are made in accordance with government financial institutions
  3. Responsible for seeing that meeting of the Council and its Committees are properly serviced and that the provisions of the Federal Polytechnics are carried out in all deliberations of the Council